Thursday, July 19, 2012

Made It

Made it up to the Lair. It is just like I remember it. Lots of pine trees and happy people. It's hard to get irritated here.

I was feeling kinda beat up on the way up. Not sure if it was the elevation compounded with the chemo, but when I got to the camp I was feeling like someone hit me with a pipe in the face, then in the legs, then in the face, then four times in my special place.

I found G and the kids without a hitch. It was so nice to see my son. He's looking like little big man.

It's beautiful up here. Felt much better the second day. I'm chalking it up to elevation. I'm betting that when I do my blood work I'll have some rich red blood cell counts. Blood dope!


Zac said...

Studs. Digging the purple flowers.



Rachel said...

So so lovely to see the smiles! I am glad you made it up there :) It will do you both a world of good.

Kelly said...

Catching up with your blog, Jeremy. My it was good to see you arrive at the Lair...we had a great time with y'all. Now off to see the boat day, via photos. much love!