Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 8

Just wrapped up second round of chemo for first cycle. Suck on the juice Toomie, you stupid lump of malformed cellular evil.

The IV hurt like a mutha going in. I'm now kicking myself for not getting the port. I'll have to wait on getting it based on my platelet count, which gets blasted during chemo. Hopefully my nurse will see some good numbers and give me the green light in the next few.

I'm about to go to CPMC to have another opinion on the radiation treatment. I'm tired right now, and it'll be good to get another perspective on the treatment. That being said, I don't think we are going to deviate too far from the current plan.

When I'm eventually ready for surgery I understand the recovery period is considerable, so I'm trying to get in super good health/shape in order to bounce back as soon as possible. I'm getting a hydration pack for my bike rides, which will be awesome. I won't have to stop anymore for water breaks.

I'm feeling a little stressed about how to handle all this treatment as a prep for eventual surgery, and manage time out for work, as it sounds like there's going to be another round of chemo squeezed in before the scans to see if I'm ready for surgery. Maybe I'll see how I feel and go to work depending on how I feel.

Right now I'm wiped, but since I just got juiced that makes sense.

We are making final decisions on the tshirts. They are looking purple and very fine.

Speaking of shirts, one of my old school homies got me a very appropriate pre-second round-of chemo gift. Makes me feel like Hulk will smash! I'll post the pic later. I'm doing all this on mobile, and I don't like the way the app (Posterous) doesn't provide any photo editing capabilities.

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