Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 14

New Radiation Treatment

Went on a bike ride yesterday with Z, and he took me through some choice locations. One jewel was juvenile hall. As we cruised by I noticed that someone had "repaired" one of the address signs with masking tape. The street number and name had apparently eroded, and some bright soul decided that it would be better to cut out numbers and letter from a large roll of tape and strategically place them on the sign. If it were a font style, it could be called "Penal Code". Prior to getting to the hall, we passed some huge electrical line towers. I think they could be used to treat cancer patients, so I paused underneath one to let Toomie get dosed. Enjoy, you little mindless turd.


I complete the third dose of my first cycle of chemo on Monday. I also need to decide on how to proceed: more chemo and radiation, or different chemo. I'm going to make the decision that makes the most sense to me, because I can't keep changing tack on this. It's driving me nuts. I am the kind of person that prefers to make a decision when given a fork in the road, and then completely emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually commit to it and see it through.


I got today's Timehop. It's pretty good. It tells me that I was stuck on Deathproof at the time. If you Tweet or Facebook, you might want to check out Timehop. It's another fun way to waste time with social tools. Once you hook it up to your accounts, it sends you an email everyday telling you what you posted the same day, one year ago. It's a little time capsule. They also just started offering the ability to timehop your texts, if you're into that level of minutia. I also mentioned Thundarr the Barbarian. Perhaps my surgeons will use a sunsword when performing the Whipple on me. That would be awesome.
Speaking of the Whipple, here's a pretty good description of the procedure from surgeon William Hawkins from Washington University. Boy, does this sound like a doozy.
I'm obligated to think that since I'm young and in good shape that I'm going to bounce back fast and get on with my life. It's a little mind-boggling to think that there's the whole chemo (and potentially radiation) track I need to do first to even get to surgery. It's going to be quite an adventure.

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Sherry Fredrick said...

Yes, you are much younger than the patients he described and this will make a very big difference in the surgery and the recovery. One bite of the elephant at a time my friend. I love your sense of humor J. You are an amesome person!!