Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 17

My oldest son and I had planned on going to the Lair of the Bear this week. We had planned on it about a year ago before all this nonsense started. He went up without me with his uncle and cousin because I had to do chemo on Monday. It's Wednesday now, and I'm still a little beat, but I'm going up for a couple days. Fuck you cancer. You don't own me, bitch. That reminds me of the Fight Club soundtrack where there's this track containing all these snippets of Tyler Durden sayings. One lyric seems to resonate more now than ever is: you are not your bowel cancer. Not exactly the same diagnosis, but point taken.

I'll likely be offline for a couple days. I hope to have lots of good pictures to post when I come back. I have an appointment with my medical oncologist on Friday to review my change in chemo regiment. I think I have a week off before I start the FOLFIRINOX. Haha. Every time I see that term I think of the Metal Gear Solid engineered retrovirus, FOXDIE. Good times. Thanks Hideo.

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