Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 2

On Sunday, my sister and brother in law hosted a pre-chemo party that was awesome! My tricky Auntie Party secretly enlisted party-goers with a mission: to text me Ficken-inspired pictures while I was I starting chemo the following day.

While I sat in the rather dull room with clinical looking chairs, my wife and sister in law waited for all the specifics to be resolved between the two hospitals (doing a joint venture between John Muir and Stanford) we had all these wonderful texts come through and they were amazing. Thank you all so much. It means more than you could know.

Today was the day after the first week of the first round of chemotherapy, and overall I feel pretty good. There wasn't much of a difference when they started the chemo flow in my IV (I've not opted for installing a port, since they remind me too much of heartplugs, "don't worry Thufir, everyone gets one here"), so I apologize for not having any thrilling experience to convey.

For this week and the following 2 I will have 2 more injections of the chemo drug, and my mental image when I think of the whole process is the tumor mindlessly drinking up the poison, shrinking, falling ill, and dying, so they can eventually cut that fucker out of me.

Below are the pictures I mentioned before. I was particularly biased towards the Hulk one, of course. Thank you all, again!!


saroid said...

Hey J,

Stay strong!! F you, cancer!! You can totally lick this.


saroid said...

Stay Strong!!! You can lick this.

sarah b