Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 26, Lizard King

Went on a walk with the wife, BIL, and SIL this morning. Found a little buddy. BIL took him home to put in a garden terrarium.
No results back from the PET scan, and it sounds like we'll likely get details before the end of day, so that'll be interesting. We're prepping for our youngest son's birthday. He'll be three. Wow. Can't believe my sons are getting so old. I'm loving the time I get to spend with them these days. In retrospect, I ironically ended up being able to see them more because of having to take break from work to attend to my health. Work for a living, or living to work.

I'm probably going to pop by the cancer institute to get my port dressing changed. I'm eager to get the bandage off for good, although I'm still not used to the little raised bump where the silicone aperture is located. I am looking forward to not getting pricked 5 times to find a vein, which is what happened yesterday when I was getting injected with radioactive glucose as part of the PET scan. The chemo is blasting my veins. Here's what the medical tray looked like after they finally got the IV in. In case you're interested, they used a butterfly needle on a vein on the top of my hand. Good times.
 Super cancer poison on Monday!

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Sherry Fredrick said...

Praying my friend. Scotty's veins were totally shot from chemo too, among other things. But amazingly, time heals all that stuff, after done with chemo. We love you guys, happy birthday to your little boy. Troy is two too! Thinking of you every day and checking on you every day.
-the Fredricks