Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 28, post 1st cycle chemo treatment PET scan news

We got the PET scan results back, and they are positive: the tumor shrank 2mm on one side and 7mm on another. I'm keeping an even keel and being cautiously optimistic, and I am also thrilled to hear this news because the smaller it gets, the less risk there is during surgery. Additionally, there were no other metastases, which means that the cancer (as far as the PET scan is concerned) is still confined within Toomie's dumb ass. The tricky thing is that pancreatic cancer usually ends up spreading, and the PET scan can only pick up bits and pieces of suspect tissue that are of a certain size, so there is the possibility that there are microscopic colonies trying to set up camp elsewhere. Rather than let the terrorists win, we're going to unleash the Shock and Awe campaign to proactively nuke the hillsides and strike first and strike hard.

All this news just barely preceded my youngest son's 3rd birthday, which was lovely gift for us to share.

Tomorrow I go in for the new regiment. I am of the thought that since it's usually used for Stage 4 treatment, and designed for aggressive cases, I will employ it to further shrink the tumor as well as conducting preemptive strikes on all hidden cancerous encampments. I think when the chemo drugs start coursing through my system, and they come across any instances of Toomie's brethren, they will round the bend of whatever circulatory tissue in which they are navigating, find the dumb cancer discussing stupid videogame henchmen topics, and gaze upon it with joy and determination before settling in on some cancer cell decimation. If the chemo drugs had an expression at this moment of discovery, then it might look like this.


Jill Walson said...

Incredible hulk like news and such a great celebration with Luke! We know you will "Smash" it!!!! Jill

Kelly said...

Best news ever. Can I say I cwwied?? Progress. xo