Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 16

Finished last week of first cycle of chemo. Feeling wiped, but otherwise ok. I'm wearing the Hulk shirt J got me to keep the morale up. Here's that picture I mentioned I'd post. It's intense. I make the "GRRRR!!!" face for the full effect of the kids, and it always gets a good reaction.
Even though I'm not going to be doing radiation anymore I still think it's a valid embodiment of the toxicity of this new regiment I'm doing. The shit just sounds gnarly: FOLFIRINOX. 4 drugs. One pump that continues to push cancer poison in for 46-48 hours. One port in my body. 2 cycles. I'll likely start the week after next.

It's a regiment usually used to treat inoperable cases, and I'm opting for it because the cancer I have has a high rate of going metastatic. Right now it's local to my pancreas, per the PET scan, but that's not to say that it could be elsewhere in smaller nodules, like my liver. The PET scans only pick up relatively large masses. This regiment is geared to annihilate any and all instances of cancer, as well as shrinking the tumor and prepping me for surgery. We're going for complete and total destruction of Toomie and his mutant, fucked up clan. Die you bastard. Hulk SMASH! Sweep the leg!

Speaking of smash, here is a clip from some of the little ones running the gauntlet from a recent gathering.
It reminds me of Death Race 2000, only no David Carradine.


Chris Sommers said...

Jeremy, just catching up on your situation. It looks like you've made some really positive progress. The cancer might be contained? That's great news... so glad to hear it. I hope it remains that way! You are fighting the good fight if there ever was one.

Be well sir!


SherryFredrick said...

Sending you "crush that effed up cancer vibes" so hard right now!!! Go Jeremey gooo! Yeah!!!!

Justin said...

Toomie's on the ropes! Keep pounding Toomie into submission. So, I'm now able to walk again after the Sunday trek down the Iron Horse. Let's do it again soon! Much love bro!...