Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 29, First day of FOLFIRINOX

I'm waiting out this morning before going in for the new juice. Took the bandage off my port install site, and boy does it look weird. It's part subcutaneous alien tissue, part third nipple, part nascent Evil Ash.
I also picked up some cream the doctor prescribed, and it's supposed to make the injection site above the port numb. After they get the needle in, all I need to do is sit there and get some cancer poison transmitted. I'm envisioning it as this huge inescapable cloud of utter destruction to any and all cancer cells floating around in me, and they have nothing to do but sit there and submit to cytocide. Enjoy you little bastards.

Yesterday we had dinner over at my SIL and BILs, and my aunt delivered the tshirts, which are awesome. They are very purple and regal. The logo, care of my BIL, turned out rather nice I think.
A few days before some friends brought over some dinner AND some wicked wristbands! They are Hulk green, of course, and have a very articulate and thoughtful statement laser engraved on the surface.
We are geared up and ready to go. I'm a little anxious, and ready to get the show on the road. This might be the start of a rough 2 months or so, and the endgame I'm working for is worth it.


Kelly said...

Amazingly proud of your perseverance! Toomie, sit down and drink up!
LOVE the wrist band and tshirt...when I can I order??

Brendan said...

Love the Dune quote. The shirt is awesome.

Sherry Fredrick said...

Awesome!! I want to order some too!! Drink up stupid Toomie and all your little groupies!!!! Bam!!!!!!