Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 4

I'm calling some of these posts by their days, as in "days in chemo cycle" since so much is built around this timeframe. After the first cycle, I get to go to the thuper thecret Dr. David Banner radiation room and blast Toomie with tightly focused kill waves.

Right now I get to experience all the magic that chemotherapy has to offer AND I am coupling the joy of the cancer death cocktails with some additional procedures in preparation for the megablast I'll get after this cycle. Unfortunately, my radiation tats I received won't be used, as the new radiation treatment will first involve another endoscopy during which doctors will embedd 3 gold "seeds" into the tumor. These seeds will be used in conjunction with a combination PET and CT scan to lock in the proverbial phasers into a tight band of death rays upon emission. However, I admit that I  also think of the Predator's fancy weapon triangulation tracking as well. Perhaps it's a blend of both techniques.

I am getting a little stir crazy, but don't really feel all that energetic or inspired to go out running around, so I'm catching up on the glorious back catalog that Netflix has to offer via streaming.

Also, with the stent in my duct, I have to avoid high roughage foods, and so my cherry intake is met with freshly smoothied Bing's. I am starting to see the benefits of having a cherry pitter.

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