Monday, March 19, 2007

Who would Orwell vote for?

It would seem that a technically proficient person(s) took some initiative and produced an "old versus new" video, which pits the "old" (Hilary Clinton) against the "new" (Barack Obama). It's quite clever, really: it uses the 1984 Apple Super Bowl ad which announced the arrival of Apple's Macintosh: PC vs. Mac...old versus new.

Obama's circle has denied any involvement in the creation or ownership of the video.

Check out the original commercial for a side to side content comparison, if you've never seen the original Apple ad

Given the proliferation of easy to use online tools, we're going to see that individuals like you and I are going to have a stronger presence in affecting the outcome of political races. We're also going to be more responsible in revisioning partisan politics. If we don't want to perpetuate the negative campaigning we've seen in earlier efforts, we'll need to make a conscious effort to keep things balanced between logic and passion.

That isn't to say that homegrown ads for candidates won't be appealing or unsavory. It goes without saying that many of them will be scathing and vicious given that their production won't be sanctioned by the candidates campaign...or so they'll say.

I can just see Rove rubbing his floppy chops with rotund fingers as he ponders his next clandestine move..."hmm...", he wonders, "...could I divert some ear-marked 'special project' funds to get a couple loyal and skilled techies to create a nasty little video romp about John Edwards attending an al-Qaeda hosted timeshare event where everyone sports a butt plug?"

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