Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The felony bullet just missed Rove's hearty jowls

While "Scooter" Libby, former Head of Staff for Vice President "Blood-thinner" Cheney, was found guilty today of obstruction of justice, perjury, and making false statements, the person who actually let slip the leak about Ms. Valerie Plame goes free. Even though we know that ol Turdblossom himself helped confirm some information to a NY Times reporter about Ms. Plame, it seems that some folks think they're above the law, and can use a scapegoat to shift attention and blame.

Blame for what you ask? Well...it's a long story, and here's my attempt at quickly summarizing: Ms. Plame (an undercover CIA agent) was co-incidentally outed by an unknown source after her husband, Joseph C. Wilson IV a former U.S. ambassador and harsh critic of President Bush’s Iraq policy, made comments that didn't support the Bush administration's claim that Saddam Hussein acquired uranium from some African nations. In an Op-Ed article in The New York Times on July 6, 2003, he wrote that those claims were “highly doubtful.”

Does anyone find it shocking and/or infuriating that a CI-frickin'-A UNDERCOVER agent was outed in order to dissuade comments made by a private citizen? Do we live in the Soviet Union? Aren't those agents supposed to be in place in order to provide for the general defense of this country?

It's not quite clear where the leak came from, but it's been suggested that Cheney and Rove had initiated it in order to punish/intimidate Ms. Plame and Mr. Wilson. Needless to say, someone got caught and had to face the music...enter fall guy Libby.

It's happened before: remember Lt. Col. Oliver North and Pres. Reagan? Iran-Contra arms scandal? Yeah. Well, ol' Ollie got to get the shaft on that one. People thought he was a hero because he was a good soldier and followed orders and didn't shame his Commander-in-Chief. Maybe he was. In either case, they both broke the law on someone else's initiative.

In any case, we, Americans, let this administration know that they could behave like this. We enabled this, dare I say, "regime" in the respect that in post-911 life, some personal liberties and freedoms could be forsaken for the greater good. The Bush administration took that flexibility we gave them, and used it to fortify the the neo-con, dare I say, fascist, bloc we have in Washington.

Regardless, we've just wasted millions of tax dollars on a court case to try a high-ranking former White House official who's protecting the real culprits who just happen to be some of the most influential and powerful leaders of the United States of America. Good use of tax dollars , you frickin' douchebags: read Cheney, Rove, and Dubya. Each of you should try to be a man of integrity for once, and admit some wrong-doing and culpability. If that means political seppeku, then so be it. You're all part of a lame-duck administration anyway. Don't make me pay for anymore of your legal costs.

And speaking of costs...do you know how much it costs to get the security clearance that Ms. Plame probably had? From my sources, I'm estimating somewhere between $300k-$700k, just for the funds on the books. That's all washed now unless she goes to work in the private sector. Hey! I hear Halliburton is hiring!

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Susan Minarcin said...

You know, you are always at your best when you go political. Did you see the pics of Scooter yesterday? He may have had no comment but but his eyes screamed SCAPEGOAT!!! (And "No, all that money WASN'T worth it!")

I read your blog every day and would comment more but don't want to seem all stalky and stuff. =D