Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bush considers changing U.S. political structure to monarchy

Even while considering the recent Al Gonzales/federal prosecutor debacle, which is firmly couched in the rich yet bullshitty terror-laced tapestry of our pre-embolimic Vice President, I still think everything is going to turn out just fine.

Why? To explain, I feel it's needed to contextualize the issue. To briefly summarize Al G-Funk's issue, there was an uproar about the recent dismissal of several federal prosecutors. As a result of the current situation, it's been revealed that there was an earlier suggestion made that every single one of these prosecutors be removed. Why? These prosecutors serve at the discretion of the President, but don't always tow the present White House agenda, and we know that this administration froths at the mouth when people object to the current hawk-centric party line.

The conflict is centralized around the fact that should all the prosecutors be dismissed, Bush has the right to appoint new ones...indefinitely...without requiring a confirmation hearing from the Senate.

Ahem...excuse me? Isn't this the year 2007 A.D.? Do we live in an monarchy? Are we to remove capable and intelligent people from positions solely for their political views? What's next, is Bush going to revise the Holy Bible so it legitimizes the current crusade we're executing in the Middle East? I l'm aware of the saying 'to the victor, go the spoils of war', but this is downright reminiscent of fascism. East Germany-Berlin Wall anyone? According to the the NY Times, the good news is :

Democrats are pressing the case for revoking the president’s authority, which he gained with the reauthorization of the USA Patriot Act last year, to appoint interim federal prosecutors indefinitely, without Senate confirmation. The administration has argued that such appointments are necessary to speed the prosecution of terrorism cases. After the dismissals became a big political issue last week, Mr. Gonzales signaled that the administration would not oppose the changes sought by Democrats.
When considering this debacle, and framing it in Cheney's recent comments which insinuated that folks who don't support the war don't support the troops, while Bush threatens the House and the Senate not to "tie his hands in Iraq", we see that Americans are getting tired of this bullshit rhetoric.

Voters want to support the troops by bringing them home from a war that sees 2.2 American soldiers dying each day in a seemingly senseless conflict with no terminus in site. Soon the madness will all be over. 2008 is bringing change. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. We see it reflected in Congress. We see it reflected in polls that continue to announce that approval rating levels reach new low for Bush on a seemingly daily basis.

I just hope that Dubya doesn't pull a Dead Zone on us before he has to leave office and announce that the missiles are flying, hallelujah! I bet there's a clause somewhere in the defense contract with Halliburton and Blackwater USA that allow them to assume martial law of the country if constitutional entities (the White House, Congress, State Dept.) experience the equivalent of a collision with an IED.

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