Thursday, March 8, 2007

Kenneth Eng: Insane Hater who needs a hug

AsianWeek fired him.

The editor regretted publishing his diatribe.

And recently Eng went on FoxNews to defend his position.

With all the talk of dragons and slaying, I'm thinking that, secretly, Eng is plotting a move to migrate into the rich and maniacal foundations of which we call Scientology. Ok...that's not exactly fair to Scientologists (wink-wink Ann Coulter), but after hearing the ramblings of this person, what can one think but: what a waste of money spent on an education at NYU. His money would've been better spent buying white sheets. I'm assuming that the alumni association won't be rushing out to ask him to support the university because it might be construed that they foster hate crimes. Just because he uses big words like 'solipsism' doesn't make him an expert on race relations.

The best thing that could happen to him would be to fall in love with a sistah, white chick, Latina, or an Asian hottie so he could find out that love lets life find a way.

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