Monday, March 5, 2007

If Ann Coulter was bovine, she'd be a Judas Cow

If Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly had a baby it'd be Satan. I shouldn't say that, though. It wouldn't be fair to Satan.

The mindless, sleazy, and negative rhetoric that this woman delivers is shocking: not so much in that she actually says it, but that she's got a huge following and people who think she's [gasp] speaking the truth. In reality, she's a simple person, one who enjoys her celebrity status despite the fact that it's grounded in bigotry, ignorance, and hate.

Her recent bout of her trademark "anti-liberal" noise emanated from the Conservative Political Action Conference held recently in Washington. At the conference she eloquently and so brilliantly referred to Democratic Presidential nominee John Edwards as a "faggot".

Hat's off to you, Ann. You and Bill probably thought this genius scheme up while you were reaming him in his ass with a giant black ribbed strap-on dildo. You two kids show remarkable tact, and I salute your passionate diatribe, however brainless and inane it may be. You're helping to define what conservatives do NOT want to be associated with when people with different political views start actually engaging in dialogs directed to making the United States a better place.

Soon, people like you will be gone, and your genes and hateful tendencies will be forever lost in the unfortunate but thoroughly documented annals of history: included in the chapter where Michael Richards, Strom Thurmond, Tim Hardaway, David Duke, Newt Gingrich, your boytoy Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sen. McCarthy, Kenneth Eng, and the like are listed.

Thank you, Ann, for polarizing voters further to the "left". You're making the world a better place by herding people away from you and your revolting mindset.


over / under Bry said...

The over/under on how long until her next book comes out? {the only reason she spews these asnine remarks} I can only imagine what the title will be?...hmmm something that polarizes and base, that prys on the lowest level of human nature. A simple recipe that the queen of the neocons has perfected.

Anonymous said...

Your right. It wouldn't be fair to Satan. People like Ann Coulter are truly evil...or she's milking the conversative Hate-everybody people who eat the doo-doo up. Do evil people inplode after awhile?

Anonymous said...

Yeah... she has always been a scum, but this is low even for her. On the bright side, thanks to her small mind and inflated ego, she has not only hindered their cause, but helped the "enemy" (and all the faggs) look like the good guys. I like Edwards intelligent and civilized responds, it clearly shows the difference in mentality and class.
Thank you Ann for being you! Really...