Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rove plans on being the next GOP-branded American Idol guest judge

But first he has to dance for Paula Abdul. If she approves, then he gets to come on the show and select the worst dancer and singer, using his performance on the 2007 Radio and Television Correspondents' Association dinner as the baseline.
You missed it? Oh...well check out the video, and wait for the last 2 minutes. That's when you'll know that there are other people on the planet with rhythm worse than you. He spent all his youth focused on acquiring the One Ring of power and/or modeling his behavior after Gollum, that he never learned how to dance.

Dubya thought it was funny...or was he morbidly laughing at his own jokes about how low his approval rating is, or that Congress passed the spending bill he's threatening to veto and that his veil of shadow is slowly being lifted from the face of the world?
No Dubya...we're laughing at you, not with you. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Ha.

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