Friday, February 9, 2007

Those games are a waste of time

Remember when your parents said that?

Boy were they wrong. Losers. I bet they feel bad now for not buying you that pony. Now you don't have to play those games to play those games. "Huh", you say?

It turns out that there is now a market for gamers who want to...wait for it...outsource their playing time to businesses who employ people to play for them. The players at these businesses craft the playing per the customer's instruction.

Games like World of Warcraft (WOW) demand hours upon hours upon hours of playing time to "level up", which essentially means improving your game character skills, attributes, weapons, etc. Any WOW player (or family member, girlfriend, boyfriend, or local butcher of a WOW player) will tell you that games such as this suck time from your day like the Bush administration sucks your taxpayer dollars to throw on the bonfire in front of the corpulent Pentagon behemoth.

In short, businesses across the globe sprung up to help folks spend some disposable income on playing a game so customers can play the game later...once Level-Up Inc., scores that sweet Gladiator's Painsaw to use on the customer's quest.

Is this lame? Yes, I'm going to go with lame on this one.

I also heard about this other service: it involves hiring a woman or a man to stay with your spouse/S.O. and increase his/her happy-contentment level, so that once it's reached the level for which you've contracted the service, you're notified and can come home to a pleasant and highly satisfied mate without having to do all the work! Yay!

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Seogwon said...

If you are playing WoW, contact Mr. T because he is now playing it. I'm not sure when you would have time though, but just in case you've hired someone to help you level up to a level 50 Paladin.