Thursday, February 22, 2007

Finally we'll know in which state Springfield is located

Snoozer? Loser? This year's tentpole films are going to do their best to get all that juicy disposable income in your pockets.

Which ones look good? Hard to say. "300" looks interesting. Another Frank Miller graphic novel adaptation...hmmm.

Richard Matheson's post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure novel, I Am Legend, is being turned into a movie starring Will Smith. I'm betting that it will showcase his range as an actor and capitalize on his nonchalant I-might-be-a-closet-Scientologist schtick (I'm thinking "Independence Day, "Men in Black" 1 and 2, "I, Robot", "Enemy of the State", etc). Let's face it, the only movie that really let him be creative was "Six Degrees of Separation".

The 9 year old in me is expectantly waiting for "Transformers" like it's Christmas Eve.

From what I know of Neil Gaiman, I'm looking forward to hearing more about "Stardust", based on his best-selling graphic novel co-written with Charles Vess.

Or maybe I'll just wait for them to come out on Blu-Ray or HD-DVD and I'll rip them.

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