Sunday, February 11, 2007

No Astro-tryst, but Barack is here

John Schwartz, the New York Times reporter quoted as working with Granada America in supporting the production of the Nowak Kidnap-Murder TV movie, commented on the blog that the deal to make the movie never really happened. The AP story apparently contained some misinterpreted understandings regarding the entire situation. Bottom line: no movie. I know, I know. It's sad. But still, the fact that it was actually considered and publicly mentioned is worth all the slices of American cheese in all the MacDonalds in the world.

Another item of interest, one of much more importance than rot-box programmatic drivel, is that Barack Obama has announced his candidacy to run for President in 2008. I'm ecstatic. I'm even ecstatic that Rudy Guiliani is [95% sure] running: why? Because:
  1. both can articulate complete sentences in correct English;

  2. both make me feel proud to be an American (lately, I've been running on my own patriotic juice, no thanks to you Dubya);

  3. both have more charisma in their left eyebrows than Bush has in his whole family lineage;

  4. both wouldn't need a crusty, hawkish, Cold-war relic cabinet to advise his policies;

  5. both are more socially progressive than the current simian in office who's only been able to break the lock on his mate's chastity belt twice (you know those girls are his).
One thing that will come up in the bid for the Presidency will definitely be race. Obama is Black...I know he's "biracial" or "mixed" or whatever term you want to use, but the fact is that America still has some strong color lines dividing it.

An issue that I didn't immediately consider was: will the Black voters support Obama? says that this segment are presently more inclined to support Hilary because Obama "...rarely makes explicit appeals based on his race..." Is it going to be necessary for Barack to take this approach in order to secure votes from Black America? It will be interesting to see if this element really makes an impact on the "theater of operations" for President in 2008.
Currently, other polls are indicating the same sentiment: Barack has an uphill battle just to get nominated as the Democratic candidate in 2008.

One thing is certain: it's going to take a lot of careful thought from the American people about what they want to accomplish with their new President. If you think that you can't make a difference, then think back: did you vote in the last presidential or congressional election? If you weren't happy with the incumbents, did you come out and make your voice heard? I know some of the anti-neocon folks didn't. The world is paying for our lack of foresight and complacency. We're not cattle, people. We're not Ameri-cant's...we're Ameri-cans.

OK, candidates when the bell rings, come out of your corners - and let's keep this fight free of mudslinging, finger-pointing, and general partisan BS.

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