Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Did AsianWeek take crazy pills?

You probably haven't seen the online version as AsianWeek pulled it, but a columnist by the name of Kenneth Eng wrote a piece in which he claims to have several "reasons" to hate African Americans. You can download a pdf of the original online version that AsianWeek pulled as soon as it started getting negative criticism (no surprise there!) The site hosting this pdf also offers you a way to sign an online petition, if you so desire.

There's news ALLLLLL over the web about this one. What the hell was AsianWeek thinking? And isn't the irony of February being Black History month just so salt-in-the-wound? Are major journalistic institutions still publishing crap like this? This is how we perpetuate racism. Hopefully this idiot doesn't breed and spread his racist seed across the human diaspora. Maybe he and Michael Richards and Tim Hardaway need to get deported to a deserted island where they can work out their issues together and not infect the rest of the populace.

This guy will never...never...NEVER find work in non-hate oriented publishing ever again. Maybe some white supremicists will outsource some of their hate projects to Kenneth. Way to go Kenneth...that NYU education really did you some good. You've turned out to be a splendid human being...if by splendid you mean advocating hate and contributing to the already numerous race issues we have here in the U.S.

And to AsianWeek...the one with its HQ in San Francisco, where you'd not expect to get this kind of tripe delivered...I think you'll find that while you'll be experiencing some peaks in web traffic visits for the next few days, you may also find that you've just alienated not just some of your Asian readers, but readers of all hues. AsianWeek will always be known for that publishing house that put out that article.

Is someone going to bring a case against AsianWeek? Should they? Shouldn't there be some punitive damages on this one? I should think that the editor-in-chief and suits at AsianWeek should start doing some damage control on this one. Maybe issue an apology? Make sure it's not a Tim Hardaway kind of apology. AsianWeek, make sure you understand the implications of what was contained in the article, and know that it was a wrong thing to do. Tell us why it was wrong. Let's see some self-analysis on this one.

Would you like to tell AsianWeek how you feel? Well, here's their email address: asianweek@asianweek.com. Here's their phone number: (415) 397-0220.

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