Friday, January 5, 2007

Why Why Why WHY!!!!

Why do people leave their poo unflushed in the toilet?

At work?

With the bathroom stall door open?

Is it so hard to flush?

It's like the poo-er was proud of the mess he made and wanted all who enter to know what he was capable of pooing. I walked in the bathroom today and was accosted by this horrible product of someone's crap factory bobbing like shattered ochre-hued dinghy remnants. Ew I say!

I work in the healthcare industry, and you would think that these people, some of whom are PhDs and RNs and the like, would know that 1) it's frickin disgusting and 2) it's unhealthy to leave that putrid butt slop floating in the bowl that I may have to use.

If you poo at work, please flush the toilet and lavish us all with your good manners. From one poo-er to another: it's the right thing to do.

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