Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Obama is NOT Osama

Fox News and (although I can't prove it...yet) Bill O'Reilly cited a bizarre and slanderous story about Barrack Obama being a fundamentalist Muslim [read: don't vote for this terrorist, he's a terrorist with "jihad" tattooed on his smelly terrorist neck like all terrorists have] and "secretly" schooled in a Muslim school when he was a boy in Jakarta, where he grew up in his youth, while his "extremist" Muslim father planted seeds of fundamentalist teachings in his head. Note how the word "Muslim" gets thrown around like a dirty word...

Here's a little nugget of knowledge: a great portion of the population of Indonesia (which is where Jakarta is located, for all you non-geography buffs) is Muslim. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that this would probably mean that a good portion of the schools are Muslim.

CNN debunked the story.

Snopes.com picks apart some of the lamer (that is a real word) aspects of the shoddy journalism.

No doubt, CNN will again be called a leftist ultra-liberal news organization with "San Francisco" values, so I'll go on the record and say that Fox News and all its affiliates are closet pinko Commies bent on constructing an intolerant, un-American totalitarian regime; who beat their pets and children; suffer from profound sexual frustration and general emotional repression; and who smoke meth while evangelizing Christ-love.

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