Monday, January 29, 2007

If Google or Yahoo don't do it for you...

...then maybe another search engine can.

Charles S. Knight SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) wrote an article that details why other search engines other than the big 4 (,,, and can offer you different and possibly more compelling alternatives to find information. is just that for the 13-34 male demographic. It's *hotter* than Google's white piece of paper on the screen.

Also discussed are engines that make use of Artificial Intelligence, clustering (displaying results on a 2D map, similar to how's news site graphically relates stories and topics), and Recommendation Searches (providing suggestions for more information that is in some way related to your search query items - check out Music Map for an example).

Over 100 different alternative search engines are discussed in the piece. It's a very, very interesting and useful for all members of the internet community.

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