Monday, July 16, 2007

Martin Prince status: Achieved

Dr. Pryor: Here's your scientifically selected career.
Janey: Architect.
Kid: Insurance salesman,
Ralph: Salmon gutter?
Milhouse: Military strongman.
Martin (fingers crossed, speaking in mantra style): Systems analyst. Systems analyst.
Dr. Pryor: Systems analyst.
Martin: All right!
Lisa: Homemaker?
Dr. Pryor: Mm-hm. It's like a mommy.
Bart: Police officer? Well, I'll be jiggered.
At long last my goal of becoming Martin Prince of the Simpsons has been realized. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, I have finally reached my goal of becoming a self-actualized systems analyst.

I started a job at in such a capacity. Before you start saying 'all search engines are the same', let me assure you they are not. All search algorithms are not the same, neither is the manner in which the system returns with matches to your queries. Ask uses ExpertRank, while Google employs PageRank. Needles to say, each engine is different, and I'll leave it to you to explore the difference. Ask also uses a different style of returning answers to your questions.

Check out Ask3D, and why it's different. Here's a nice little summary.

Switching jobs and attending my sister's wedding will make a person focus on things other than researching Search industry tidbits and bitmaps of Martin. Perhaps this will excuse my lack of posts. I think of you every day. You tell me who says otherwise, and I'll cut their heart out with a spoon (thank you Alan Rickman).

While the perversion of American justice and the mockery of checks and balances goes unheeded in this great nation, at least I'm in a place that will help people find information on how we as Americans and global citizens can take our grassroot steps in making the world a better place...Libby sentence commuting and abuse of "executive powers" notwithstanding.

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