Monday, July 30, 2007

The Illusionist transforms into the Hulk

So Ang Lee's revisioning of the Hulk franchise with Eric Bana as the green beating machine didn't fare so well. I didn't think it was that bad, but it definitely lacked some oomph. I liked the whole "sins of the father" theme, and the origins story was an interesting twist, and I liked the fact that the Bay Area was a setting for the film (SF and Hulk make good team), but it definitely lacked something. Ang Lee is a great director, but I think his efforts in epic action-dramas might find more success with the Crouching Tiger variety.

Well Hollywood can't let a franchise rest (did they make an A-Team movie yet?), so they've reengaged with a completely new cast and production team to make the next Hulk film. IGN has most of the details.

What's the short version? Don't like to click on links to get to the meat? Who's the green meanie? Edward Norton, who also wrote the screenplay. Liv Tyler replaces Jennifer Connelly as Betty Ross. William Hurt and Tim Roth will co-star. I was hoping Sam "Clean out my pushbroom, willya!" Elliot was going to make a reprisal, but no such luck.

There are no story details, yet, but it sounds like there will be some explorations of "beginnings", but it's not another "origins" film. Sweet.

Maybe there will be a scene where the Hulk breaks into the Chevron bank vault to liberate some of their record breaking 2Q 2007 profits
This spring's punishing oil and gasoline prices helped propel Chevron Corp. to the highest quarterly profit in its 128-year history - $5.38 billion - the San Ramon company reported Friday.

That's 24 percent more money than Chevron made in the same quarter last year and easily beats the company's previous record of $5.02 billion set in last year's third quarter. Chevron's profit for the first six months of this year now stands at $10.1 billion, compared with $8.35 billion for the first half of 2006.

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