Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's official...this is as bad as it's ever been

Did you hear that Cheney made the claim that he's not a member of the Executive Branch, so he doesn't need to abide by the rules that the Founding Fathers stipulated.

What? Am I taking crazy pills? Why is this okay and is it election time yet? If he's not quite Executive and not quite Legislative, does that mean we can expel for being a deliberate lame-tard poo-puppet bass-turd? Doesn't this set off a big blip on your basic right/wrong radar that we had instilled at birth? Is Cheney's not working properly? Oh wait...that's right...he's an evil soulless robot constructed for the sole purpose to drag this great nation into the dirt! Ha! I feel sooo much better now!

Hopefully the next President to take office makes an effort to show the American people what kind of dastardly deeds this evil toolshed purported while in office as Vice President.

This guy's sense of entitlement at the expense of others is astounding. Can he and I go duck hunting soon?

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