Thursday, June 28, 2007

Drunk on Amy Winehouse

She's cool. Her debut (Frank) is finally seeing light in the states...four years after its initial release in her native U.K. Her most recent album (Back to Black) has gone triple plat in her homeland...probably because the Brits jock American soul music so hard...but the appeal is clear: she sounds great and seems to embody that old school sass.

I won't reiterate all the descriptions about her smoky vocal style, which some say is reminiscent of Billy Holliday, or the beehive which smacks of The Ronettes, but I guess I just did. Regardless, some of the music, though it may sound like Motown or old school jazz, it's definitely a 21st century interpretation...let's just look at "Fuck Me Pumps", as an example. Don't be thrown by the title.

Check her out when she performed on Dave.

The Rolling Stone also did an interesting article on her.

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