Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You either love him or hate him...

...but his films (aside from the recent "Grindhouse", which he looks like was done just to entertain himself and Robert Rodriguez) are at least downright enjoyable popcorn thrillers, if not cultural milestones.

Quention Tarantino's "Kill Bill" was originally supposed to be released as a single film, then Miramax decided to split them into 2 because they'd get more money from ticket sales and DVD revenue.

The rumor was that one day, the studio would release the film on DVD, as it was originally planned, a three plus hour extravaganza.

Today ign reported that Amazon is now listing the product on the site. The release date is Nov. 6, 2007. The movie has no suggested MRP, but it's probably going to be around $16-$25 depending on promos. It's rated NC-17, which means that the whole Crazy 88 fight scene that shifted from color to black and white and featured quality arterial spurts of blood resulting from limb severage and decapitations will now be all in color. Who knows what other surprises may lurk on this godsend?

Maybe an extended O-ren Ishii anime sequence?

Or perhaps more GoGo?

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