Friday, April 13, 2007

Imus an advocate for Democratic candidates? Rush, Bill and Ann move in for the kill.

According to the LA times, the Democrats are going to be hurting from Imus' exodus from the airwaves. He apparently was a good way for candidates to reach independent white men...those voters who could swing a potential close race in one favor or another.

This doesn't really make Dems look great considering Imus' crash and burn with his comments about the Rutger's women's b-ball team.

But at least the Republicans have Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and Ann Coulter to keep hope alive for the "moral majority". Now these guys never say ANYTHING reprehensible.

Wait...didn't Rush say inappropriate things about Obama owning Al Sharpton because Obama's mother's ancestors owned slaves. Yeah. He said that.

Or what about Bill O'Reilly? Aside from all his dirty boy sex talk that was swept under the rug, this conservative moral compass of dumbassity bad-mouthed Muslims in a way that could be construed as condoning genocide.

Ann Coulter...oh this lovely dumb husk of a human. Now here's a person who at every opportunity spouts negative and spiteful nonsense in order to...what? Destroy 'liberal' credibility? Incite people to hate? I mean, honestly, the words that come out of this woman's mouth would make the devil suck his teeth.

She's made hateful remarks about gays and Presidential candidate John Edwards in a rather clever 2-fer-1 remark. Good job Ann! You're soooo clever! Wow! What's it like not being able to go out in the sun, and are coffins really that comfortable? How does your hair come out looking so fresh? Does drinking all that baby blood really keep you looking young, because you're starting to look a little haggard. Maybe it's all that hate eating you up inside. I think you, Kennth Eng, Michael Richards, and Prof. Griff should get together and have a 4-way!

She's dropped hate bombs on Helen Thomas, the renowned and respected White House reporter who grills Dubya. She said something about her being an old Arab or something. Wow! That's great Ann! You're really helping to foster open dialogs with people. It doesn't surprise me that you have 100% cracka-ass cracka blood coursing through your veins. I hope Sasha Baron Cohen gets you to dance naked on a bar and denigrate other ethnicities while he's taping content for Borat 2.

Seriously, with the termination of Don Imus for his inappropriate remarks, let's hope that other folks in the public eye are held accountable for the trash that comes out of their mouth.

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