Monday, April 2, 2007

3 people who I think would buy KITT

KITT is for sale. Which means that there are at least 3 people out there who'll throw down some serious money for a car used in the hit 1980s show. Of course, Turbo Boost and Silent Mode won't really work, and the car doesn't really talk...

...BUT...the flashy swooshy red cylon [and Garfunkel] thing in the front is intact...sweet.

The 3 people are:

David Hasselhoff (duh, like he was the star of the show and has a special place in his great big curly-haired heart for the car)
Busta Rhymes (grabbed the title song hook and pimped a fresh remix of "Turn It Up/Fire It Up")U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (after the 5-4 decision [Scalia in the minority opinion]to allow the EPA to regulate automobile emissions, he'll want to preserve this car in all its non-street legal glory as the car is missing smog equipment)
Who will win? Hmm...Hasselhoff could persuade his German fanbase to reclaim the car for the glory of the Fatherland...Busta could easily outshout anyone in an auction...and Antonin (A-bomb) would first need the case to be brought to the Supreme Court before he could do anything. HA! Stupid process of appeals. It sucks to be you, Judicial Branch! It's all about the Executive Branch. We get to poop on Thomas Edison's stupid invention of checks and balances whenever we feel like it's a matter of national security. It'a a Patriot Act thing, you wouldn't understand.

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