Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Second Coming

I thought I was over the hump this past Friday, as Saturday was a good day. The wife and I had some QT, and I ate some heavier food that in retrospect I shouldn't have consumed, but when your neighbor rolls through with fresh lumpia, it's hard to say no.

Come Sunday, and I'm starting to feel like I've just put all of Chernobyl in my abdomen. I ended up having horrible GI issues, and went to the ER on Sunday. They watched me for 5-6 hours, put some fluids in me, gave me more drugs to counteract the nausea, and sent me home. I had a triple threat nurse on Sunday - she is an ER nurse/Oncology nurse/and healer, so I felt like I was getting the crazy advanced 360 degrees of treatment. Unfortunately, as soon as I got home and out of the car I threw up (nothing quite like barfing in your own back yard), then spent the next 12 hours trying to get over the continued GI havoc being wreaked in my guts. Sadly, there was no respite, so back we went to ER on Monday. I ended up being admitted so they could keep fluids in me, run tests, and try to get a hold on the nausea. I think I had just about every anti-nausea drugs known to western science.

Several IV bags later, some skin patches, an MRI, and a couple patchy nights of sleep I finally started to turn around and was discharged on Wednesday. We all think it was a case of the effects of the chemo I'm on, eating not so healthy food the day before, and catching a viral bug that apparently has been going round. For the time being, I'll unfortunately need to keep the kisses separated via dental dams. This was not fun at all. I still don't feel 100%, although I am definitely on the mend.
It's amazing to think that I'll have another round of this coming up this Monday, I'll certainly need to stay on top of nausea, as I don't want to have to spend more time in the hospital after round 4.

I want to thank my wonderful family for helping to take care of my children, while I was down and out, and for all the supportive messages from everyone. One more chemo-related obstacle successfully negotiated. Let's keep the progress moving!


Sherry Fredrick said...

You rock so hard J. You are almost done with this part. Hugs to you and your beautiful supportive family. S

Unknown said...

J- You are kicking ass. One more to go! Love to you and the fam. Fickstrong!!!