Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I haven't gotten the scan results yet. I will have them later today. Yesterday I went in for blood work, which is always a larf. They plug this crazy looking needle into my heartplug, er, vascular port, and then use a syringe to draw out as much blood as needed, which in my case was 4 vials yesterday. A lovely 4-pack sampler of some boutiquely produced gluten/casein-free and transfat absent J-blood. Today should have two interesting data points: a new tumor marker and the shrinkage/orientation of the tumor. Both exciting tidbits are going to be huge. I anticipate both being good pieces of news.
On a sidenote, I recently had a really cool experience. Another pancreatic cancer affected citizen came across one of my postings. She left a comment indicating that her husband was on the same regiment as me and had a CT scan the same day as me. Hope all is going as well as it can for you both!

I'm aiming to get another post out today after I get the results.

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Kelly said...

I saw your fellow pancan friend's comment, too, Jeremy, and it did my heart good to know you'd found each other. Crappy thing to be "together" on, but it's nice to know you're not alone. love well and I'm looking out for the news. :)