Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Round 4

The past weekend was my wife's birthday, and thankfully I was feeling great. We all had a blast.

This past Monday was the fourth and last round of my chemo regiment, which is awesome. I'm determined to make this one a smooth ride out, and stay on top. Coming out of ER my doctor prescribed this anti-nausea patch that I'll wear on my arm. Apparently it's some wonderful new thing, and it's OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. Fortunately my health insurance covers practically all of it, but $3k for four stickers? You could practically sell these things on the street and take the profits and buy a Vespa-like contraption.

Ironically, when I was feeling nauseas, I couldn't really eat anything, but if I was watching TV and came across the Travel Channel's food programming, "Man Vs Food", my gut was iron. Seriously. Didn't bother me at all. That's just weird.

Once this final round is done I'll be doing visits and scans in preparation for surgery. There's no definite date set yet, although from my perspective the sooner the better. I'd be happy with end of September, but it'll likely be in October.

I'm looking forward to getting some tumor markers, as well! I'm willing the chemo to scorch the earth for Toomie, so I have nice markers, and additional shrinkage of the mass.


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