Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Time to roll

I've been neglecting updates because I haven't been feeling the best since my last update. I wrapped up my 4th cycle this past Monday, and feel pretty good about getting a break because it feels like there are some cumulative effects that get progressively worse as treatments go on. I've been consistently battling nausea, on top of some of the less severe side effects. It's finally getting better.

Apparently, one of the drugs (5FU....hahahaha! FU. 5 times. HA!) wreaks havoc on the GI tract, so whoop-dee-doo I get to contend with that awesome experience.

This week and next are doctor visits and scans to cover the next step: surgery. I'm looking forward to seeing what my cancer tumor markers are. I anticipate them to be lower, and the CT scan I'm doing I foresee a shrunken mass ready for plucking out of my body. I wonder if they'll let me keep Toomie. I might want him stuffed in a formaldehyde filled jar, so I can cast insults at him and gloat at the loser whenever I feel the need to do so.

Today I'm meeting with a surgeon from UCSF. Next week I'll confer with one from Stanford, so I'll likely go under the knife at one of these fine establishments.

OK. Time to roll.


Rachel said...

You are amazing! Just thought I would throw that out there :) and I for one would be very happy to attend a "ding dong Toomie is gone" party when this is all over!
In my new job, I have met lots and lots of folks over at UCSF so please let me know if you end up there. I feel that adding to your list of advocates is never a bad thing in a surgical situation. xoxoxo

Kelly said...

Maybe a 'commemorative' jar for toomie's death is appropriate. Even though he is most certainly a shriveled mass of nothingness about now. Big hugs, J.