Friday, August 31, 2012

What a week

It's been quite a week. Monday I did my third round (of four) of chemo, and for some reason it really took it out of me. I feel like I slept or wanted to sleep this entire week. I kept picturing Homer Simpson, when Doctor Hibbert says that he's going to be weak as kitten after his triple bypass. Here's the episode hosted on this smashing Russian site in case you're curious.

The steam was totally taken out of my sails. Seriously. I don't really remember doing anything noteworthy aside from planning where to take my next nap. I napped at home, at my sister in laws, at my in laws. I was trying to squeeze in a nap at the store, but I couldn't stay awake long enough to drive a car let alone push a cart.

Suffice it to say, Friday came along, and we're celebrating my wife's birthday! I had nothing but amazing, sweet, and heartstring-tugging things to say to this wonderful woman who has turned into my personal patient advocate, chemo treatment study buddy, calm in the storm, best friend ever. I mean, I knew she was awesome when I married her, but anyone who is going to get your back during times like this is worth more than a guaranteed ticket into Heaven AND Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Happy Birthday to wonderful wife. I'm looking forward to 50 more years with you.

I thankfully possessed enough juice to walk my oldest son to his first day of 2nd Grade. Man, he is getting big. Daddy is proud.

Additionally, my Askers shot me some SWEET Fickstrong shirt shots, as well as some from a recent event I was able to make. Thank you guys!! I'm feeling all the awesome good vibes. Erik planking no doubt was the nail in the coffin for Toomie.
Good times everyone. Next week I have off from therapy, so I can spend it rebuilding before the following Monday, and my last (?) round of chemo before the scans and eventually surgery. We're over the hump.

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Sherry Fredrick said...

Happy birthday beautiful and wonderful Naomi!!! Xo

J, your friends are hilarious!!! Glad to hear you are continuing to kick Toomies butt. Sounds very good, even though it must suck being that drained. I remember taking Scotty out for walks during one of his rounds, must have been the last one, and it took us like 45 minutes to go around the block and it usually took us that long to go like 4 times around! And I had him all lubed up in his white sunscreen, his Livestrong shirt, and huge straw hat since his melanin was pretty much gone.

We are sending you so much good energy my friend and visualizing Toomie melting like a candle in a furnace! Go J Gooo! Hugs to you and your wonderful family. Can't believe your big little guy started 2nd grade!