Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day 34, I Have Become Brundle-Fly

It's been a rough few days, and hanging in there. We went to Tahoe on a trip with some other families with whom we'd gone to university. We'd planned on going well before the cancer, and kept the plans because "fuck you, cancer", that's why.

The chemo is gnarly. The biggest issue is an upset stomach now, and am managing it with family and friends.

We're wrapping up the Tahoe trip, and I'm getting a moment outside. It sounds and looks like a storm is blowing in.
I'm so used to being in Tahoe for snow season and boarding, but it's summer storms right now.

As for Brundlefly, the reference from Cronenberg's "The Fly", I was watching some TV this afternoon and rubbed my beard hair, and pulled some out, and that's the first thing that came into mind when I looked at those surprised hairs on my fingers: you're relics.

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Sherry Fredrick said...

Hey J, I shaved Scotty's head the second round of chemo, when it started coming out. I was so upset to see what Scott had to endure and this losing clumps of hair here and there was too much. I told him we should just shave his head so we could have a feeling of some sense of control, like, we say that all the hair comes off in the kitchen with some shears, and not in stupid clumps, eff you cancer!! Sorry you are experiencing that but at least you are obviously responding to the chemo. Lots of love and hugs.