Monday, May 21, 2007

Pyramids and a coffin where the creek hits the rise

I'm working on this idea for a story, but I haven't quite gotten it all worked out yet, and I know that NO ONE else has EVER thought about this, and I've taken all the right steps to copyright my IP on it, so I feel comfortable talking about it here.

I want to write a sci-fi/alternate reality/steampunk tale based on Bob Dylan's song "Isis". You heard it here first. Anyone else in Hollywood tries to option it, I've already gelled the idea here. If you hear about it, you let me know, so I can go pull someone's lungs out and feed it to them by the jagged spoonful. I know about copyright. I saw the movie.

I'm not quite sure where I want to take it, and why he leaves his wife in the first place, but the basic journey about disconnect and frustration upon the expanse of a frontier of some sort, a serendipitous connection with someone motivated with the purpose to be remembered under false pretenses, and an eventual denouement and reunion borne out from the experience on the road is somehow very compelling to me. I think couching it in some kind of alternate reality landscape would make it a spicy meatball.

It goes without saying that as with most songs and art in general there's a great deal of interpretation left to the audience, so anyone familiar with the piece might not see it, but I keep getting this sense of a tale wanting to be told.

It might not be the next Michael Bay flick (God I hope not), but I just might have to write several drafts just to get this thing out of my head. It's pervasive and nagging, but yet I feel as though should I move it from my sparkling synapses and onto an e-sheet, it would be a good thing. It's fat like child in my head.

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