Thursday, May 3, 2007

Big angry men who love Obama

Last night we got to hang out with a couple I've known since high school. It was awesome seeing them, catching up, and hearing about what they're up to these days. He works for an organization that directs cadres of big angry men who break down doors and kill bad guys. At least that's what he calls it. I thought it sounded sublimely and descriptively non-committive which is just what we need in the hearty age of information and its impact on rhetoric.

Speaking of rhetoric, Barack Obama has smartly requested "'that copyright rules be waived so that video from Democratic presidential debates is publicly available "for free and without restriction.'"

Dude, this guy is awesome. He sent a letter to Howard Dean, our favorite exuberant Democratic National Committee Chairman, and the Republican National Committee Chairman Mel Martinez "asking them to ensure that debate video can 'be shared, re-used, and freely blogged about without the uploader of the video being deemed a lawbreaker.'"

In the letter, he got signatures from Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist; Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia; former Federal Election Commission Chairman Brad Smith; Markos Moulitsas, founder of the political blog, and Civic Action executive director Eli Pariser.

Either Obama himself is brilliant, or he's got some great campaigner expertise coming up with these ideas. His actions in these areas help define him as innovative, tolerant, and facilitative: all good qualities we'll need in a new President.

So, to all those wonderful Obama hopefuls, and big angry men who break down doors and kill bad guys, I want to devote this song to you and your loved ones. May it inspire you for the challenges to come.

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