Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Aye Lad, But Does It Make a Good Mix With Scotch?

My Scottish friend and colleague pointed this out to me, so however worldly you think I may be, I am not the multi-linguistic, mega-faceted cultural ambassador I seem to be. I do, however, share some Scottish blood, albeit a minor amount mixed with Yugoslavic blood - a mixture that no longer exists by today's maps. Regardless, I wear my tartan proud and drink my fair amount of single malt (I like mine peaty), but this article on Scottish independence was interesting to me.

The essay (don't wince if you failed English in high school) shouts with insight only a true Scot would have. The synopsis is, "Devolution was meant to give Scotland the ability to solve its own problems. But since getting its own parliament, Scotland's dependency on England seems to have increased. A former Scots Tory explains why he has come to see independence as the solution—and why it would benefit England too"

Basically, for all the Red State people this means that William Wallace pulled a Lazarus on us and is going to get to smoting them damn pompous Brits across the pond. For the Blue State people, this means nothing to you because you're wrapped up in issues relating to securing seats in Congress while you squander your new found power and further bifurcate the momentum in the Democratic party by failing to get behind one candidate in the 2008 Presidential election. Prove me wrong. Barack Obama needs your support.

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