Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Me and the device

Here are three pictures of me about to "receive treatment". The whole front end, which encases the emitter directly above me and the two panels on the sides, spin around 360 degrees twice and thoroughly blast the tumor.

During the procedure the techs had to...wait for it...reboot the computer. It looked like they were running XP, so I was actually surprised to see it hanging having first thought it was Vista. Regardless, they got it all squared away and were able to finish the treatment.

I treated myself to a tasty organic apricot scone my wife picked up for me, and we were on our way back home.

Round 3 tomorrow.


Walking Eagle said...

The Hulk powers will come just hang in there. Meanwhile, Tumie is feeling the burn!

Cathy Carbonaro said...

What?! No UNIX? That's just crazy. I am losing faith in the medical industry.

Jromi said...

Cathy, I asked the doctor today and it's actually some other non-Windows system. Varian or Variant or something.

Cathy Carbonaro said...

Google is a wealth of information - looks like Varian is the company.

Jromi said...

Thanks for looking up Cathy. I was mobile at the time. Yes, I am aware of the ubiquitous powers of Google.