Sunday, November 11, 2012

In the crosshairs

At the end of a long "dead" week, one that was marked by some great hangout sessions with some buddies, I'm finally starting back up on treatment.

Tomorrow I'm heading over to Stanford to start a five day run of doing some SBRT radiation treatment. I've got a body cast all set up, radiation tattoos in place, some gold fiducials in Toomie, and I'm ready to get dosed by some fancy device. I'm just as curious as most people how this is going to work, so I'll try to record the event and share it. I'll post a warning: I'll likely have my shirt off as a requirement for the treatment, so if male nipples bug you out, then you might want to forgo any video content I'm able to provide.

I'm not particularly anxious or nervous, and I'm ready to continue the cancer killing tactics that are planned. I'm still looking forward to making 2012 the year I beat this mindless amorphous blob of runaway cells into the ground.

Tomorrow during treatment I plan on practicing some keen visualizations that involve invisible radioactive beams carving into the tumor, making it ill, making it shrink, making it hurt, making it dead, and making me that much more prepared as a candidate for surgical resection.


Walking Eagle said...

keep the attitude going and I look forward to the report on the procedure. may have to do it myself eventually. I'm in my first delay of treatment due to low wbc and neutrophils but hope to resume by end of the week. your updates and experiences mean a lot to me and I look forward to them very much. even though we have not met, I am definitely with you in this battle.

Jromi said...

Thanks for your continued support. Yes, birds of a feather flock together, so I'm with you on your journey as well. I hope you cancer killing goes well.