Thursday, August 21, 2008

There is no 'W.' in 'Hobbit'

Oh man. Have you seen the trailer for Oliver Stone's new *unbiased* biopic? It's glorious. The cast you ask?

Elizabeth Banks ... Laura Bush
Josh Brolin ... George W. Bush
Thandie Newton ... Condoleezza Rice
Richard Dreyfuss ... Dick Cheney
Ioan Gruffudd ... Tony Blair
James Cromwell ... George Herbert Walker Bush
Ellen Burstyn ... Barbara Bush
Scott Glenn ... Donald Rumsfeld
Noah Wyle ... Don Evans
Jason Ritter ... Jeb Bush
Jeffrey Wright ... General Colin Powell
Rob Corddry ... Ari Fleischer
Sayed Badreya ... Saddam Hussein
Toby Jones ... Karl Rove
Michael Gaston ... General Tommy Franks
Dennis Boutsikaris ... Paul Wolfowitz
Allan Kolman ... Vladimir Putin
Paul Rae ... Kent Hance

You must peep the trailer. Dreyfuss as Cheney looks awesome, Scott Glenn as Rumsfeld is genius, and how did Thandie Newton nail the Condi smile so well?

As for the Hobbit, we know that Guillermo Del Toro is directing, as Peter Jackson was dissed by the studio. While they later made up, Jackson was going to be aboard as a Producer, but now the real meat: the entire LOTR screenwriting team is going to be penning the script for the prequel, which will span two films. Narnia, Spiderwick, Golden Compass, etc step aside, you fast-following wannabes.

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