Monday, August 13, 2007

What a nice way to wake up

To find that Turdblossom is leaving his role as senior chief architect of evil domination is such a nice way to wake up. That's right, Karl Rove is stepping down from the side of Dubya as his political strategist at the end of this month.

Insiders report that Satan requested from Dubya that he relinquish Rove for some work he needs done on the behalf of the Sudanese government in their efforts to exterminate the country's population of non-Arab Africans. Mephistopheles said that while he was proud of the work Rove did in the White House, but he needed his talents focused elsewhere on more "core" evil deeds.

Rove and Bush will undergo a medical procedure to remove the cranial surgical grafts between the two. Experts are certain Rove will be able go about his normal daily life stabbing angels in their eyes, raping truth and justice, and other delectables of unsavory and general nefarious behavior.

Cheney will be playing D-H in Rove's absence for Dubya in order to maintain a level of malodorous edicts that the public has come to associate with with most contemporary issuances from the Executive branch.

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