Monday, October 15, 2012

Plot Twist at the Ending

So I was supposed to go into surgery this Wednesday, and the surgeon from Stanford just called to say that after more review with other colleagues he's concerned that there's too much involvement with a critical artery and the vascular reconstruction would be too extensive and therefore too risky too perform. He's recommending I undergo CyberKnife radiation treatment first, which will potentially kill the tumor and cause it to shrink, after which I'd have the surgery.

It's a big shock to be sure. I am disappointed that this little fucker gets some free rent for a while longer, however, I'm glad that they caught this detail before going in and finding out only after they'd opened me up.

The plot twist is that it looks like I'll get to be Hulk after all. When I asked the surgeon when I'd go in for CyberKnife, and it sounds like it'd be this week. Fingers crossed.

This is just a quick update. I'm looking to have more soon.


Julie Cardillo said...

Hey cousin -- Thinking about you all this time and selfishly appreciative of your blog posts. You sure can paint a picture. ... Please let me know if I can be helpful in any way to you and/or your family, especially since we live just a few miles down the road from Stanford Hospital. Really. I mean it. ... It's not like we really know each other, but you're my little cousin Jeremy who once-upon-a-time stuffed a cupcake into an 8-track player in my parents' living room!! :) I'll never forget it. And of course you are front and center in my mind these days. Peace.

Jromi said...

Hey Julie - my cupcake smashing is apparently the thing of legend. The thought of one getting stuck in a hifi piece of audio equipment of the day makes me sad that younger Jeremy did that to someone. I appreciate your kindness. I'll definitely hit you up if we need some assistance while we're in the Stanford area.