Friday, June 29, 2012

Stanford Disses Old School Radiation

At Stanford since this morning. We came in for a consultation with a surgeon, and the consensus was in line with what we have been told so far, which is good. The only difference is that the radiation treatment recommended by my initial radiation oncologist was characterized as "old school" by the surgeon here. Daaaaamn. No he didn't. He straight up dissed the rad tech. Apparently there's this other kind of radiation treatment that doesn't have to be administered over a course of multiple weeks: SBRT (stereotactic body radiation therapy). Instead I'd get concentrated doses in 5 days. That would be nice. It also sounds like the odds of pulling a Dr. David Banner would go up. I don't have anything on paper to back this up. It's just a gut feeling.

I'm about to meet with the radiation oncologist today, so will probably be here for a while longer. I might actually get dosed today, which is all good.

My wife and sister-in-law are with me, and are amazing. Couldn't be doing this without these wonderful women. Thank you for all your support, ladies.

Oh, and tumor in my pancreas, yeah you. I'm gonna fuck you up, you little bastard. I'm gonna go Cobra Kai on your ass. Sweep the leg.


Kelly said...

MAN! I just want it to be straightforward! But...I'm all for looking at new technology. How long has this new stuff been around?
I like this Cobra Kai stuff...makes me feel like Brienne on Game of Thrones...I'm just a massive powerful woman wielding my sword like mad killin' cancer cells left and right....
A girl can dream.
and all that stuff.

lkgove said...

Yeah kick butt.

Sherry Fredrick said...

I heard that Stanford is the pioneer with this rediation technology. They used it in clinical trials and it blew the old rediation methodology away. No joke, this is awesome and insanely amazing technology!! Yay!! We are sending "Eff You Die stinking Toomie" vibes to Toomie every day over here. I am sending them so hard!! Much love to you and your awesome family.