Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My First Tattoo

This doctor is indicating I'll be undergoing blasts everyday for approx 6-7 weeks in conjunction with chemotherapy, which may or may not go longer. Again, we are also getting second opinions on this stuff. My wife is AMAZING, as she's keeping track of all this stuff and coordinating with medical staff to make sure everyone is talking with each other and getting the paperwork needed to shuffle it into the right hands.

It's all moving along pretty quickly, which is good: I want to get this started ASAP. However, there's a part of me that thinks there should be a better way of localizing and blasting the affected area. We should have nano structures that could encapsulate the mass, shielding the external organs and tissues, while irradiating the enclosed mass. Can someone get on that please?

In the meantime I will be doing the old school method of external exposure to rads, which will be somewhat rad.

I'm interested to get some feedback: my sis and bro in law came up with some clever slogans for tshirts proclaiming support for my success, which I thought was amazingly considerate and loving. Again I feel totally blessed to have such wonderful people around exuding so much positive energy. It's all good. Let me know what you think.


Monson said...

Yo man- Fuck Fickens Cancer? I'm down with FFC (yeah you know me).

Will keep checking back. I don't mind the spam. Our thoughts are with you man.


Kelly said...


AND I'll soon be wearing it. We going purple??

Thanks J, it's good to hear updates. eHugging you!!

Kelly said...


FICKSTRONG is a fav too.

Since everyone loves being some percentage nowadays, maybe Ficken IS THE Fifteen.

yES, Naomi is amazing and so are you. We are all blessed to have each other.

Maybe you have a new calling...nano structure cancer cell encapsulators for use in bombardment.

Thanks for the update...I'll keep checking back often. Many hugs and all the positive ions in the world coming your way...xoxo, kels

LucyCunningham said...


Although you can't beat Fuck Fickens Cancer (or possibly the more upbeat Ficken Fucks Cancer?) either way, I want a t-shirt! Will you do bumper stickers? :)

LucyCunningham said...

I like Fickstrong, although there's a certain something about Fuck Fickens Cancer (may i suggest Ficken Fucks Cancer?) Either way, if there are bumper stickers too, i want one!

Chris Sommers said...

Thanks for the update Jeremy! Sending all the good Karma I can muster your way...

I don't mind the email but I'll be checking the blog too..

Fickstrong is a fav, but I really like Kelly's Ficken Is The Fifteen. That's crafty...

I'll add: "Excuse me Cancer, but I ain't done yet.."

Be well sir!


Crazy Country Woman said...

Since Ficken means "to fuck" in German, I say Ficken Ficken's Cancer.

Incredible love coming your way. Amazing Grace and prayers from many. Love you. Mom

Eric Labastida said...

I'll contact Jordi Laforge and get right on the nano project he said he's been working on since stardate 24.34.06. Meanwhile, busta cap in that tumors ass!

Justin said...

J - I'm with FICKEN FOR LIFE, although I might suggest a slight modification to FICKEN FO' LIFE if so inclined. It's a bit more hood... Taking it back to your roots. Perfect for a hoodie.

Much love to you and the fam. Keep the updates coming. Always keeping you in my thoughts and know you've got some serious ass kick'n in store for this cancer thing.

Jromi said...

I like Ficken Fo life only if it's implemented with Old English iron-on characters. Gotta keep it real.

Val said...

Fickstrong and Ficken.cure appeal to me!

So ficken strong! :-)