Wednesday, December 5, 2007

DLC for BioShock released: 4 new plasmids

Looks like I jumped the gun on that last one, but those plasmids were mentioned in the code...maybe it's for a later release. Ecology plasmids would really add a new dimension to the gameplay.

Only 4 new plasmids have been released, per 2K Games:
  • Sonic Boom (1 & 2): Hurls creatures and objects back with a blast of force.
  • EVE Saver (1 & 2): Enables Plasmids to use less EVE.
  • Vending Expert (1 & 2): Reduces prices in the vending machines.
  • Machine Buster (1 & 2): Increases the amount of damage players deal to cameras, bots and turrets.
Xbox360 users will be prompted to access the content when they load the game and connect to their Live account. PC users will need to download and install a patch. All the info in on the 2K Games site.
Completely semi-related...recently saw Kooza and I'm almost 100% positive that the set and costume designers modeled the under-stage utility-commanding Deep Sea diver looking character after a BioShock Big Daddy.

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