Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow in Chicago

Quick update:

At a different hospital in Chicago, where I'm still in ICU, and about to have another endoscopy.

The initial endoscopy I had yesterday revealed the bleeding was being caused by a duodenal ulcer that's either a product of radiation, chemo treatments, or potentially tumor abrasion from the outside. I'm still waiting on the biopsy results.

They're currently giving me blood and platelet transfusions. I've not had any more vomiting.

Doc here says that after I finish my rounds of chemo that I should be able to go to surgery to try to take out the tumor given my health and age.

More updates:

Had another endoscopy to squirt some sealant on the ulcer. Then had angiogram to embolize the duodenal artery in the area of the tumor. Biopsy results inconclusive.

Now waiting to heal up and get my counts back up. Sounds like I'll be here until Monday or Tuesday.

I'm out of ICU and in a private room, which is nice as I can get better rest and am not always having a nurse come in to take blood, vitals, etc.

Lots of snow on the ground out here. Chicago looks good.

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