Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Haven't been 'macro' blogging much these days, as I've been consumed with exploring time-wasting appliances like Twitter, Ubiquity, Twinkle, Posterous, and the like. If I ever want to be on the Obama team, they will need to know about that Fight Club posting I made with regards to desiring Dick Cheney's participation.

Also want to see how Posterous handles this post, since it's coming from email. I hear that it renders a video-related URL (like YouTube) into a player. There's also some support for playing video and audio files. Soon everyone will be able to experience the song or comedy routine I'm listening to in the morning.

Too bad I don't have an available wi-fi network at work, else I'd leverage my iPhone's AirSharing app to serve up some rich content for the masses.

Here's a simple URL that takes you to a lovely experience of Patton Oswalt writing up his experience of trying one of his failure bowls.

And with an associated video URL

I'll have to test how it interprets mp3s later.

Do it internets. Make it happennnnnnnnnnow!

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