Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Still have my job? Yes. Game room...TBD

If you didn't know, Ask.com announced some layoffs today. We got the details in a nearby bar, where they broke the news and treated us to bagels and coffee and identified us as the 'go-forward' team.

So they can lay off 38 people, close offices in Japan, Denmark, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany, telecast the announcement that we'll be focusing on our core users, but do they really need to lock the doors on the game rooms?

Honestly, after announcing the layoffs and the shift in company priorities, couldn't they at least let people bust a few rounds off in Call of Duty 4 or shred some notes in Guitar Hero 3? Were they concerned that some of the ex-employees were going to get sticky fingers after getting the shaft?

But then, I think...I'd rather have a job right now than an Xbox 360. Still, the empty veal pens provoke strong pangs of empathy. Anyone working in the Bay Area or who has been 'downsized' or categorized as 'redundant' knows what I'm talking about.

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